Charter of Demands - 20 Oct 2012
Charter of Demands submitted by Bank Karmachari Sena Mahasang to Indian Banks' Association (IBA) on 20 th October, 2012. The charter was submitted by  Shri Anil Desai, Member of Parliament & our Working President to Shri.K Ramakrishnan, Chief Executive, IBA. Also present were Unni krishnan and Shri. Prabir Moulik representing IBA and Shri. Rajan Tulaskar, Shri. Anand Kabadi, Shri. Nitin Rege, Shri. Vilas Ghugare, Shri. Anant Shirke, Shri. Vinod Nikam, Shri. Chintaman Dalvi, Shri. Ramchandra Patil, Shri. Prakash Shinde, Shri. Pramod Pendurkar and Shri. Ashok More representing BKSM.

The Tri-annual Conference and Annual General Meeti - 07 Jan 2012
The Tri-annual Conference and Annual General Meeting of State Bank Karmachari Sena was held on 07/01/2012 at Shiv Sena Bhawan Dadar, Mumbai. Shri.Sudhir Joshi,ShivSena Leader and President of Bank Karmachari Sena Mahasangh and Shri.Suryakant Mahadik ,President-Bhartiya Kamgar Sena Mahasangh & Shri.Rajan Tulaskar, General Secretary,Bank Karmachari Sena Mahasangh were the speakers who addressed this Conference. Shri Vinod Kankaria (Nagpur), Shri Pravin Hate and Shri.Chintaman Dalvi were elected as the President, Working President and General Secretary respectively alongwith other 61 officebearers. More than 300 members / delegates attended this Conference

Bank Karmachari Sena Mahasangh - 24 Jul 2011

The Employees of The erstwhile Memon Co-Operative Bank which has been merged with Bank Of Baroda where absorbed on the first scale of pay of clarical and substaff respectively by the  management of Bank of Baroda. Their wages were not protected and these employees were drawing wages less than that drawn earlier.  This issue was represented by Bank of Baroda Karmachari Sena and subsequently persued by Shri.Anandrao Adsul, Member of Parliament with Shri. M.D.Mallya, Chairmen and Managing Director of Bank of Baroda in a meeting with him in Bandra Kurla Complex. Mumbai.  This issue has been successfully resolved and all employees have been paid the difference as adustment allowance.  BKSM congratulates Bank of Baroda Karmachari Sena and offers its humble thanks to Shri.Anandrao Adsul for his timely intervention.

BKSM not participating in Strike Call - 02 Jul 2011
Bank Karmachari Sena Mahasangh and all its affiliated units are not participating in the strike call of 5th August 2011 given by United Forum in Banking Industry. This decision was taken by the & office bearers of BKSM in their meeting held on 2nd July 2011 in the Union office of Canara Bank Karmachari Sena.

Bank Karmachari Sena Mahasangh - 05 May 2011
A two day working session of all office bearers as well as committee members shall be held on 24th and 25th August 2011 at Khandala.  This session shall be inaugrated by Shri. Sudhir Joshi, President Bank Karmachari Sena and shall be concluded by Shri. Anil Desai, Working President, Bank Karmachari Sena Mahasangh.